Rumor: Utah’s Alec Burks could be out a while, maybe the season


LOS ANGELES — When asked Monday night if there was an update on starting guard Alec Burks and his injured shoulder, Jazz head coach Quin Synder was vague.

“Nothing solid. It’s kind of been the same situation for a little while where they’re taking a look at him and just going to make sure everything is perfect, and if he needs more time…” and his answer trailed off.

But that answer may belie for serious concerns, according to a tweet from Marc Stein of ESPN.

Burks started 27 games for the Jazz averaging 13.9 points a game and being a real threat from three (shooting better than 38 percent from beyond the arc). The Jazz are trying to see how he fits with Trey Burke and the promising Dante Exum in the backcourt of the future in Utah. Or, they could use him as a trade asset — the Jazz have acquired a lot of interesting assets in recent years but are approaching the time they need to turn them into something more. Not yet, this team should get a chance to develop, but the time is coming.

But you can’t do much with Burks if he is still out. Hopefully this is not something that serious.