LeBron James on David Blatt: ‘I’m happy who we have at our helm … What other coach do we have?’


A report emerged earlier today that the Cavaliers are concerned how the team is responding to David Blatt.

Ignoring for a moment whether or not the concern is fair, it’s interesting it leaked to the public. Someone wanted it known that Blatt’s job security should be questioned.

And whenever something like that happens, all eyes turn to the most important person in the organization – LeBron James.

Via Bob Finnan of The News-Herald:

Joe Vardon of Northeast Ohio Media Group:

LeBron has enough media savvy to know “What other coach do we have?” provides a sound bite that will draw a lot of attention. That doesn’t mean he intentionally invited that attention, but he surely knows it will result.

Perhaps, LeBron slipped while answering several Blatt questions. After all, most of his responses were either positive or understanding of why Blatt hasn’t yet succeeded.

Or maybe LeBron’s quote was intentional, a tactic designed to hold Blatt’s feet to the fire a little bit.

Ultimately, Blatt’s fate will rest entirely with LeBron. If LeBron wants Blatt to stay, he’ll stay. If LeBron wants Blatt to go, he’ll go.

Cavaliers management might try to coax LeBron way or another, a la Pat Riley with Erik Spoelstra in 2010. But LeBron holds more power in Cleveland than he did in Miami, and the final call will belong to him.

So, maybe I’m overreacting to one portion of LeBron’s comments on Blatt. But, unquestionably, it came from the most important source.