Kobe Bryant on Temecula: ‘Mamba Army don’t f— around’


As anyone who covers the NBA knows, Kobe Bryant has the most passionate fans in the league.

Write anything about Kobe – positive or negative – and his legion of supporters will come out of the woodwork to complain it wasn’t more favorable.

The cult of Kobe reached its pinnacle on Christmas Day.

A Kobe fan – @MyTweetsRealAF – and @SnottieDrippen, who blogs at HoopsCritic, had the typical “How good is Kobe?” argument. Eventually, it got heated (on one end, at least).

The Kobe fan set up a fight in Temecula, which @SnottieDrippen pretended to accept (even though he wasn’t in the same state). Next thing you know, the Kobe fan was posting pictures of himself driving to and arriving in Temecula:

Arash Markazi of ESPN:

The Kobe fan later posted a diss track directed at @SnottieDrippen (warning: language):

I can’t wait to hear Kobe’s response to that.