Knicks’ Quincy Acy ejected after throwing punch at John Wall (VIDEO)


Quincy Acy is going to miss a game or two (or three) for the Knicks coming up.

In the fourth quarter of the Wizards comfortable, coasting win over the Knicks to on Christmas Day John Wall was bringing the ball up in transition when Acy fouled him by going with the forearm to the neck/head area. Wall went to the ground, bounced up and gave Acy a shove in the chest, at which point Acy pretty clearly throws a punch.

Now, he pulls the punch and it doesn’t land — that will save him a few games of suspension. But he is going to get suspended. The league is not going to tolerate punches being thrown on national television on the league’s unofficial opening day for a lot of fans. (They don’t tolerate it any day, but especially not in this kind of setting.)

“Me being a key player I’ve got to keep my emotions in check and not get a technical or get ejected, that could have cost us the game,” Wall said in a televised interview on ESPN afterward. “I’ve just got to do a better job of staying composed.”

The Wizards won the game 102-91, leading by double digits most of the game after getting off to a fast start.