Klay Thompson on Stephen Curry: ‘No humble man can take those shots’


Professional athletes, for the most part, are forced to feign humility when speaking with the press.

But the reality is that being among the best in the world at a particular profession takes an enormous amount of confidence.

Stephen Curry is in the midst of a season that has him firmly entrenched as an MVP candidate. His shooting prowess is among the game’s greatest, as proven by the extremely difficult shots he takes and makes on a regular basis.

You’d be hard-pressed to find Curry talking about it, however, but his backcourt teammate Klay Thompson — who’s having an above average season himself — knows that humility isn’t possible in someone with Curry’s elite level of skill.

From a Q+A with Thompson by Ethan Strauss of ESPN.com:

[Thompson:] You got to be humble but at the same time …

No you don’t. I think that’s the big lie they say about athletes. “You gotta be humble! Oh, he’s so humble.” You guys are humble to us. But not for real humble.

Yeah, yeah. You know your ability.

Best in the world, you’re not going to be humble.

Yeah, yeah. You didn’t get here being humble. That’s for dang sure.

Steph’s not humble.

Look at the way he plays. Is that humble?

No, no.

No humble man can take those shots. … He gotta put on a front to the media, he got to.

The reasons for the public show of humility should be obvious. No player wants to come across as arrogant, or be perceived as slighting teammates or opponents when talking up one’s own abilities.

But make no mistake — there’s nothing humble about the way Curry (or many others) play the game, at times doing so almost to perfection.

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