Mark Cuban finalized Rajon Rondo trade while on set for The Colbert Report finale


The final episode of the Colbert Report aired yesterday, and it included the above celebrity-filled song.

Among those in studio to celebrate Stephen Colbert were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Randy Newman, Jon Nelson, Willie Nelson, Bryan Cranston, Tom Brokaw, Katie Couric, George Lucas, Big Bird, Keith Olbermann, James Franco, Gloria Steinem, Jeff Daniels, Charlie Rose, Barry Manilow, Alan Alda, , Bill de Blasio, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cyndi Lauper, Ken Burns, Toby Keith and Henry Kissinger.

And Mark Cuban.

You can see the Mavericks owner in the back from 5:11-5:20 in the video.

Why didn’t he finagle his way to the front? Because he no longer cares about getting attention? Maybe because he was busy.


Cuban had his priorities in line. Trading for Rajon Rondo makes the Mavericks a stronger championship contender.

To Cuban’s credit, this didn’t become a repeat of 2012, when he prioritized filming Shark Tank over meeting with free agent Deron Williams.