Nuggets’ Arron Afflalo drains three to force OT vs. Rockets (VIDEO)

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It was a night of dramatic shots and big plays, and Arron Afflalo was part of it.

Denver was down three without a timeout and just 4.2 seconds left, needing to go the length of the court. They inbounded to Ty Lawson, who was going to have a hard time creating much with Patrick Beverley draped all over him. Lawson dribbled across the court as he moved up, from the left to right side of the court.

That’s where James Harden — who had made a nice defensive play for a steal the last trip down the court — made his mistake. Look at him watch the ball, drift at least five feet below the three-point line (when the only thing they had to do was defend the three) and give Arron Afflalo space to get open.

Afflao drained it, and it was off to overtime.

Afflalo had 22 points on the night but he could not match another MVP-like offensive performance from James Harden, who had 41 points and led the Rockets to the win in overtime.