Warriors’ Andre Iguodala hilariously mocks referee for not calling a blatant travel, picks up technical foul (VIDEO)


The Grizzlies snapped the Warriors’ 16-game winning streak on Tuesday, but the contest was still within Golden State’s reach down the stretch.

The Warriors trailed by just five with a little more than three minutes to play, before Mike Conley got through the defense and all the way to the rim to push the Memphis lead to seven.

The only problem, at least in the eyes of both Steve Kerr and Andre Iguodala, was that Conley traveled on the play, and the basket should have been disallowed.

The replay shows that Conley did indeed take three steps, and as Iguodala demonstrated this in a mocking way toward the official, he picked up a technical foul for his actions. Kerr got one too, but without the benefit of the “travel dance,” his was far less interesting.