Report: Every Knick besides Carmelo Anthony (and maybe Carmelo Anthony) is available


Could the Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony? Would he waive his no-trade clause?

One report says yes. Melo indicates no.

Regardless of the star forward’s precise feelings at the moment, no Melo trade seems imminent. Even beyond the no-trade clause, a deal would have to account for his high salary and trade kicker. There’s a lot to sort through.

As for the rest of the Knicks roster…

Howard Beck of Bleacher Report:

The Knicks will probably keep Carmelo Anthony for now. But rival executives say that everyone else at the Garden is available, possibly even the ball boys. J.R. Smith is the most likely to be exiled, if the Knicks can find a taker.

Pessimistic view: I should hope so. The Knicks are a shell of a team, full of too many expiring contracts and too prone to infighting and sniping. They’re 5-21 for a reason, and there’s no reason to insist on keeping players contributing to this mess.

Optimistic view: Phil Jackson seems to be trying to succeed where past Knicks management has failed. If everyone is available, he knows how big the hole is, and that’s the first step in digging out of it.

Dealing Smith would be a nice start, but his $6,399,750 player option for next season will turn off potential trade partners. Most likely, the Knicks would have to attach a sweetener just to dump Smith.