Report: Sixers sign Turkish big man Furkan Aldemir to four-year deal


The Philadelphia 76ers are the worst team in the NBA at 2-21. They aren’t trying to win this year, so they’re focusing on developing their young talent. Now, according to’s Marc Stein, you can add another name to that list of prospects: Turkish forward Furkan Aldemir.

Aldemir was the 53rd pick of the Clippers in the 2012 draft and is averaging 7.8 points and 6.2 rebounds per game in Euroleague this season. Check out his DraftExpress profile here.

$3 million per year is a lot of money for an unknown European rookie, but the Sixers are so far under the cap that it doesn’t matter. At this point, they’re just throwing whatever they can at the wall and hoping some of their young players turn out to be keepers. They’ve already seemingly hit on second-round pick K.J. McDaniels and waiver pickup Robert Covington. Maybe Aldemir will be another success