Hornets’ Gary Neal, Cavaliers’ Matthew Dellavedova latest to receive flopping warnings


The NBA handed down two more warnings for flopping on Saturday, and while the one Matthew Dellavedova of the Cavaliers committed was more egregious, we’ll focus on Gary Neal’s effort because it actually fooled the officials.

Late in the second overtime of the Hornets’ Friday night loss in Memphis, Neal flailed as he shot a three-pointer, and ended up drawing enough contact to where the referee deemed it necessary to blow the whistle.

Tony Allen of the Grizzlies picked up a technical foul arguing the merits of the call, and had Neal made every free throw, a six-point Memphis lead could have been cut to two with just 20 seconds left.

Ball don’t lie is what Rasheed Wallace used to say, and Neal missed two of the four free throws.

Plays like these ruin the integrity of the game, and the league’s current policy isn’t nearly enough to put a stop to them. We discussed some alternative solutions to the problem on this week’s podcast.