Mark Cuban: Monta Ellis should ‘scream and flail’ more to draw fouls


Among the NBA’s top-20 scorers, only Klay Thompson averages fewer free-throw attempts per game than Monta Ellis’ 4.2.

And Thompson is a jump shooter who doesn’t attack the rim as often as Ellis.

So, why doesn’t Ellis draw more fouls?

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has an idea.-

Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News:

Cuban, who plans to alert league officials with video examples of Ellis’ drives to the basket and the contact that he creates/receives, said it’s incumbent on the 6-3 guard to sell his case to referees.

“(He) won’t scream during the play,” Cuban said. “You got to scream and flail to get a call. You got to scream while you’re up there, not when you land. Some of these guys you got to teach to make the refs’ job a little easier. He gets hit on his body all the time.”

This is probably just inside the line where Cuban will avoid a fine, though I can’t say that for certain. Adam Silver could deem this fine-worthy.

But, yes, Cuban is probably right. By human nature, referees are probably more cognizant of fouls when the player screams, and some players certainly abuse that fact.

And maybe Ellis could draw more fouls simply by yelling, but I’d be more worried about the unintended consequences. If that’s not his style, might screaming and flailing take him off his game?