Byron Scott has talked to Kobe Bryant about starting at point guard


The Lakers are having a hard time finding a point guard.

Steve Nash is out of the year. Jeremy Lin got benched. Ronnie Price has underwhelmed as a starter. Jordan Clarkson is a rookie and plays like it.

Could Byron Scott turn to an unconventional candidate, say, Kobe Bryant?

Bill Oram of the Orange County Register:

Shifting Bryant to point guard at critical junctures is something Scott said he had been thinking about, and he said he has gone so far as to contemplate starting the 36-year-old at the position.

“I even talked to him about it,” Scott said. “I said, ‘I’m thinking about it, but I’m not there yet.’ So yeah I have thought about it.”

The Lakers have played just 21 minutes all season without a traditional point guard, and Kobe has been on the floor for all of them. A third of those minutes came down the stretch of the Lakers’ win over the Kings on Sunday, and Los Angeles outscored Sacramento by seven in the seven minutes Kobe ran point. Prior to that, the Lakers had been outscored by 12 in 14 minutes without Lin, Price or Clarkson.

Don’t put too much stock into that small sample, but moving Kobe to point guard seems like a desperate idea done for flawed reasons, anyway. The numbers just support what shows on the court.

Kobe started at point guard for a stretch last season, “unfortunately” as he put it. He clearly had no interest in shouldering the burden of the position as he worked his way back from injury, but the Lakers’ failure to build a competent roster around him necessitated him playing the point.

Kobe is healthier now, and maybe he’d be more open to a position switch.

But the circumstances leading to one haven’t changed one bit.