Mark Jackson: Warriors owner ‘knew me for three years and spent a couple of minutes around me’

AP Photo

Warriors owner Joe Lacob thought he could quietly say former coach Mark Jackson “couldn’t get along with anybody else in the organization.”

But the criticism has made the rounds and drawn plenty of response. Lacob apologized, and Stephen Curry called it unfortunate and a distraction.

We just haven’t heard publicly from Jackson, though he addressed the comments while preaching.

Diamond Leung of Bay Area News Group:

Former Warriors coach Mark Jackson referenced Joe Lacob in his sermon at his church on Sunday, saying the co-owner “put me on blast.”

Smiling as he spoke to members of the congregation, Jackson said in recorded comments that Lacob “said I was good for nothing, an owner that knew me for three years and spent a couple of minutes around me, an owner that had the audacity to say that 200 folks don’t like me in the business.”

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Jackson is fighting hyperbole with hyperbole. Of course Jackson had supporters within the organization, and of course Lacob is more hands-on that that.

It’s probably more than coincidence Jackson brought this up with his congregation, considering it might have contributed to his firing. For whatever reason, Jackson and Lacob could never seem to get on the same page.

I understand why Jackson would be upset. Whether or not he or Lacob deserves more blame – and Jackson shouldn’t have to fall on his own sword if he doesn’t believe it’s warranted – Lacob had the power, and that’s why Jackson is looking for work. All Jackson can do at this point is speak out in his own defense.

That said, Jackson surely doesn’t know everything his former coworkers told Lacob about him. Just because Lacob and Jackson didn’t interact as much Jackson felt was fair doesn’t mean Lacob lacked enough information to fire Jackson.

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