Stephen Curry says Warriors owner’s criticism of Mark Jackson was ‘unfortunate’ and a ‘distraction’


Warriors owner Joe Lacob took some unnecessary shots at Mark Jackson recently, who was let go after last season even though he guided Golden State to 51 wins.

What was reported at the time was confirmed by Lacob, which is that Jackson didn’t get along well with those making the decisions in the front office.

But even if Lacob’s remarks about Jackson were 100 percent true, the negativity at a time when things are going so well for the franchise seemed completely unnecessary. And Stephen Curry said as much before Monday’s win over the Timberwolves, his team’s 13th straight.

From Ethan Sherwood Strauss of

Following Lacob’s public apology for taking issue with Jackson’s management skills, Curry told reporters: “I think it’s unfortunate, just the distraction from what is going on right now. Obviously, we’re playing well, and you can nitpick of what’s the difference between this year and last year, but you’re talking about two great coaches [in Jackson and current coach Steve Kerr].” …

Of Lacob, Curry said: “For him to apologize is a big gesture.”

“My whole thing is not to discredit anything Coach Jackson did because he was such a great coach for us and elevated a lot of our individual games, and I’m proud of that and appreciate that. And obviously it’s a new era, a new experience that we’re in right now, and we’re enjoying it.”

The apology was important, if for no other reason than piling on at this point when the Warriors are off to an 18-2 start is not a good look, especially when considering how much support Jackson had among his players.

Curry is only under contract with the Warriors for two more seasons, and has admitted to dreaming about one day playing for his hometown Hornets. Having ownership make these kinds of public missteps is one way to help push him in that direction.