Cavaliers’ James Jones prefers not to know when he’ll be playing


James Jones has appeared in just four of the Cavaliers’ first 18 games of the season, and has played a grand total of 30 minutes while hoisting only seven shots.

But as a veteran who is now in his 12th NBA season, he stays ready on a nightly basis, and his preparation doesn’t change.

Maybe that’s why Jones prefers not to know whether or not his coach is expecting to include him in a specific game’s rotation.

From Chris Haynes of

“I never go into a game with the expectations of playing,” Jones said. “I actually prefer not to be told [I’m playing] because I approach it all the same.

“If coach throws me in the game for 10 or 15 minutes, I’m a professional athlete. I should be able to do that. I don’t tailor or taper back my game-day routine just because I’ll be playing. That to me, would kind of eliminate the consistency that I need to do my job.” …

“It’s my job to make shots,” said Jones. “I told coach that’s what I do. I’m very comfortable doing it and I just wanted him to trust that I will be ready when he called my name.”

It’s nice to hear that level of professionalism expressed, and not all players would be able to handle things in the exact same way.

And, it’s worth noting that his ability to stay ready has paid off — in Cleveland’s most recent victory over the Raptors on Friday, Jones played a season-high 14-plus minutes, and went 2-of-2 from three-point distance.