Report: Cavaliers interested in Tayshaun Prince


The Cavaliers need depth, defense and a wing.

They reportedly sought all three in Corey Brewer, but as they deliberated, he might have come off the market.

How about aiming a little lower in Tayshaun Prince?

Brian Windhorst, appearing on ESPN Cleveland, discussed the possibility:

The Cavaliers’ trade exception is not large enough to obtain Prince. It also can’t be aggregated with another player to make salaries match.

The only player the Cavaliers could trade straight up for Prince is Tristan Thompson, and that deal would be lopsidedly in favor of Memphis. Prince could be part of a larger trade, but that gets complicated.

Ancillary to the major roadblocks, Prince has fallen from the Grizzles’ rotation for a reason. At 34, he too often looks a step slow.

This is the same trouble the Heat ran into when they tried to build around LeBron James, surrounding him with too many aging veterans. Experience is helpful, but so is energy, and Prince would provide only the former.

Perhaps, the Cavaliers hope to sign Prince if Memphis waives him. Maybe Prince would relinquish some of his $7,707,865 salary in a buyout if he knew he could land in Cleveland afterward. The Grizzlies are below the luxury-tax line, but if they don’t see a use for Prince going forward, they might opt for the savings.

It seems that route of getting Prince to the Cavaliers, even if unlikely, is more viable than a trade.

That would leave Cleveland to use its $5,285,816 trade exception to acquire someone else. I understand the desire to use it this season – the Cavaliers’ talent makes them championship contenders – but it doesn’t expire until next September. I still wouldn’t be surprised if they wind up waiting until the offseason.