Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo eat breakfast together in Boston


Just five seasons ago, Lakers-Celtics rivalry games were a huge deal. Now, both teams are squarely in the lottery and generally irrelevant in the NBA landscape. They’re playing each other on Friday at the TD Garden, and Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo got together for breakfast ahead of the matchup.

Obviously, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Kobe and Rondo sharing a meal together means Rondo is headed for the Lakers when he hits free agency this summer. Just like the time Kevin Love went to a Red Sox game last summer and hung out with Rondo meant he was going to force a trade to the Celtics. Or the time in 2007 that LeBron James wore a Yankees hat to a Yankees-Indians playoff game, foreshadowing his departure from the Cavs for the Knicks.

Rondo might sign with the Lakers, and he might not. He says he wants to stay in Boston, but they’re rebuilding. This breakfast doesn’t mean anything one way or the other for Rondo’s free agency plans, probably. But the Lakers will have cap space, and Kobe is a fan of Rondo’s. We will see in July.