Danny Green hits tying 3-pointer in regulation, gets told by Gregg Popovich to ‘shut the f— up’ in overtime (video)


Danny Green was regulation hero for the Spurs against the Nets last night, hitting this 3-pointer to send the game to overtime:

But that clutch shot didn’t earn him much of a grace period with Gregg Popovich.

His team down two and a six-second difference between the shot clock and game clock late in overtime, Popovich told his players not to foul. Green fouled anyway, and Popovich sure let him have it (hat tip: Devin Kharpertian of The Brooklyn Game):

After the game, which the Nets won, Popovich criticized his starters:

“They were very sloppy. They didn’t compete as hard as the Nets did, for more of the 48,” the Spurs coach said. “The Nets wanted the game more than our starters did, I think. They might not agree with me, but I don’t really care, because I’m right.”

Green and Popovich have come a long way since San Antonio cut the guard twice, but that doesn’t make Popovich any softer. Even from the players he trusts like Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker, Popovich still demands excellence.

If you think he was hard on Green, just look at what he told the media about Parker after the game: