Denver’s Arron Afflalo ejected for flagrant foul to Alec Burks’ head (VIDEO)


Arron Afflalo can expect to get a vacation day courtesy the league for this. (Or at the least he’s writing a big check.)

The Nuggets guard was ejected Monday night for his foul to the head of Utah’s Alec Burks. In the middle of the fourth quarter — when the Jazz had made a comeback from 20 down and made this a game — Utah had a two-on-one in transition and Gordon Hayward hit Burks with a pass, Afflalo came over and tried to make a play on the ball, but he just hit Burks across the head.

That’s an ejection with more punishment to come. Intent doesn’t matter, Afflalo hit an airborne and exposed player. He’s just fortunate Burks wasn’t hurt more seriously.