Mark Cuban still taking jabs at Derek Fisher


In the 2012-13 season, Derek Fisher played a few games for the Mavericks before suffering an injury that would keep him out two weeks.

He requested Dallas release him, saying in a statement: “With this news and the difficulty I have been having being away from my family, I have asked the organization to waive me so I can return home.”

The Mavericks complied.

But later that same season, Fisher signed with the Thunder.

It bothered Mark Cuban at the time.

It still clearly bothers Mark Cuban.

Ian Begley of ESPN:

Cuban was asked if he was concerned about Fisher’s commitment to the struggling Knicks, who have dropped 10 of 12.

“I’m more concerned with his health and welfare. I know how hard it is for him to fly and travel and be away,” Cuban said sarcastically.

Cuban’s gripe is understandable. Fisher is entitled to change his mind, but the way things unfolded, it sure looked like an underhanded move to leave Dallas for a Western Conference rival.

Fisher has a pretty good reputation around most of the league, but incidents like this at least call into question how much that reputation is deserved. Just ask Jazz fans what they think of Fisher.

Knicks fans will have time to draw their own conclusions, but with New York off to a 4-12 start, I bet some of them wouldn’t mind if Fisher asked to spend more time with his family.