Kobe Bryant says Gary Payton, Kevin Garnett among best trash talkers he’s faced


Kobe Bryant talks a lot of… um, we’ll call it trash. Because this is a family publication. Since he entered the league 19 years ago with an unwavering air of confidence he has used that to try to get inside the heads of opponents. Or just to tell them what he was about to do to see if they could even stop it.

But who does Kobe think is an elite trash talker?

Kevin Garnett recently gave his, so Lakers’ reporter Mike Trudell threw the same question at Kobe.

Garnett and Gary Payton were known talkers, and we all knew Reggie Miller could get into it.

But I’ll say Scottie Pippen was unexpected. I knew that back in 1997, before Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Bulls and Jazz on a Sunday afternoon, Pippen had gone up to Karl Malone and said, “the Mailman doesn’t deliver on Sundays.” But I didn’t think of him as an All-Around trash talker, especially since he was on a team with Michael Jordan, but I guess that’s just another way we underestimate Pippen.