Stan Van Gundy on Pistons improvement: ‘I don’t think it’s gonna be overnight’


The Detroit Pistons are off to a 3-11 start to the season, with only one team below them in the Eastern Conference standings — the winless 76ers.

Stan Van Gundy, head coach and president of basketball operations, expects things to get worse before they get better.

Detroit has managed to assemble a roster with some odd pieces that don’t quite fit, and Van Gundy knows that it will take some time to get it all sorted out.

From Vincent Goodwill of The Detroit News:

“I don’t think it’s gonna be overnight,” Van Gundy said. “I’d like it to be. [Pistons owner Tom Gores] would like it to be, but I don’t think it’s gonna be an overnight thing.”

“Last night it was an hour and a half, just talking about our roster and where we’re headed and the whole thing. What I feel good about, what I don’t like. It was two days of texts.” …

The urgency is the conversations is certainly a point of emphasis, but Van Gundy said “I don’t think anyone’s on the ledge right now.

“Oh I think he’s got at least as much sense of urgency,” Van Gundy said of Gores. “I can see things where we’re getting better and it’s gonna take some time and that’s the part he misses. If anything I think he’s got more a sense of urgency to see things change.”

It’s unclear how much of the team’s struggles are related to a new head coach installing a new offensive system, and that won’t be answered until much more of the season has been completed.

What we know now, though, is that Andre Drummond has severely underachieved, Josh Smith has been brutal offensively (and remains an albatross from a contract standpoint), and the team has struggled mightily to simply make shots.