Another day, another Bulls injury: Taj Gibson out with sprained ankle


Taj Gibson will be spending some time with Pau Gasol and Derrick Rose in the training room after that one.

In the third quarter of the Bulls loss to the Trail Blazers Friday night Gibson went down with what looked to be a nasty ankle sprain. The man was in some pretty serious pain. The good news is after the game he said the X-rays were negative, but he was in a walking boot after the game and told he’s going to miss a little time because this is his third ankle sprain since the playoffs last season.

“I gotta get this thing right,” he said…

“Just talking to Derrick, talking to the guys, I have to be patient,” Gibson said. “I have to stop trying to run back out there to try to play through these things. We have a long season. It’s just the dog in me that wants to be out there and play. I have to just learn from this.”

Rose has taken a lot of criticism, although with this injury rushing back too early from a hamstring that is not right can lead to worse things.

More than that — it’s November people? You got to get right and be healthy for the games that matter most and those don’t happen before Christmas (or, frankly, before next March). The Bulls have been the Bulls and are fine at 8-5 and the three seed in the East even with key players missing time. This is another blow but as everyone knows, what matters with the Bulls is them getting healthy for the late season and playoffs.

So Tom Thibodeau is covering his guys in bubble wrap and waiting for them to get right. As he should.