Report: Jeff Taylor won’t appeal 24-game suspension


Jeff Taylor didn’t have to accept his unprecedented 24-game suspension for pleading guilty to domestic violence.

His union was ready to appeal on his behalf.

But the Hornets forward will take the penalty.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Jeff Taylor will not file an appeal to the NBA for a 24-game suspension centered on a domestic abuse incident, league sources told Yahoo Sports on Friday.

This is the right move by Taylor.

It’s arguable which he needed more – extra game checks or his name out of the headlines. But he was not going to win his appeal, anyway, so that debate is irrelevant.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement gives Adam Silver broad power to suspend players. Perhaps, the National Basketball Players Association shouldn’t have given the commissioner such authority, but it was negotiated into the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The players have a far better chance of re-writing the rules in 2017, when they likely opt out of the CBA, than Taylor did of winning an appeal.

Now, Taylor can focus on what matters most – changing his behavior. He must address why he committed his crime and how he can prevent repeating it. If he takes the right steps, he has a chance to stick in the NBA when his contract expires after this season. Appealing would have just made his name more toxic, making it less likely a team would sign him this summer.