Pizza promotion revamped because the 76ers can’t win a single game


Before the season, the 76ers announced fans would receive half off Papa John’s following each win.

Eleven games into the year, that has resulted in $0 of savings thanks to Philadelphia’s 0-11 record. The way the 76ers are playing, it could be weeks before fans take advantage of this promotion.

So, in an effort to drum up a little business, the threshold has been lowered – drastically.

Now, Philadelphia scoring just 90 points – a feat teams have accomplished 83 percent of the time this season – triggers the half-off deal (hat tip: Barry Petchesky of Deadspin).

The 76ers’ offense stinks (last in points per possession), but they play so fast (second in pace) they still accumulate plenty of points. Even they have hit 90 in 5-of-11 games.

It’s not quite pizza always, but it sure beats pizza never.