Flip Saunders: Corey Brewer too valuable to trade


The Cavaliers and Rockets are reportedly interested in trading for Corey Brewer.

Houston reportedly even wants to complete the deal now.

But that doesn’t mean Timberwolves coach/president Flip Saunders is ready to move the small forward.

Jon Krawczynski of the Associated Press:

Although this seems like more posturing at first glance, it’s not quite the same as an anonymous source saying one team is ready to trade for Brewer now while another deliberates. If that trade doesn’t happen as indicated, that source is protected from looking foolish.

Saunders put his name on this.

Sure, he could still trade Brewer. But if he does, he looks a little like a hypocrite. Though he’s entitled to change his mind as the season evolves, a segment would still view him as going back on his word.

There was no need for Saunders to put himself on the record with this stance – unless he truly doesn’t plan to trade Brewer or just doesn’t care whether some would see him as a hypocrite if he deals Brewer.