Tony Wroten: Eric Bledsoe ‘crazy’ for thinking Kentucky would beat 76ers


Kentucky coach John Calipari doesn’t believe his team has any shot against an NBA team – even the 76ers, who technically qualify. That’s the prevailing wisdom from anyone who has spent thoughtfully considered a college team’s chances against the pros.

But Suns guard Eric Bledsoe, a former Wildcat, is certain Kentucky would beat Philadelphia.

The 76ers – or at least one 76er – is sticking up for himself.

John Gonzalez of CSN Philly:

Hollis Thompson and Brandon Davies decided not to comment, instead designating Tony Wroten as their spokesman on the issue. Before an entire question could be asked about what Bledsoe said, Wroten responded.

“Nah, they can’t beat us,” Wroten replied. “He’s crazy.”

So you obviously heard what he said. Was it insulting?

“Yeah, it’s insulting,” Wroten said. “He might be serious, but I know Bledsoe. I’m not going to take it personally.”

I’m generally in the camp that believes no college team can beat an NBA team. But this Kentucky team (which hammered Kansas, 72-40) is pretty good, and these 76ers (0-11) are pretty bad. That Philadelphia is more interested in tanking for a high pick than filling its roster with NBA-caliber players certainly changes the debate.

The common argument is that a college team has only a few NBA players, but an NBA team is full of them. That’s not necessarily the case here, because multiple 76ers wouldn’t make any other NBA team. It also helps that Kentucky is loaded with draft prospects.

That said, I’d still pick Philadelphia over Kentucky. I just don’t think Bledsoe is crazy for suggesting the game would go the other way.