Las Vegas sports book says Sixers would be 17-point favorites over Kentucky


Seemingly every year, the discussion crops up around whether the best college basketball team could beat the worst NBA team. The argument is ridiculous every year, but it never goes away. Now, a prominent sports book in Las Vegas has put a betting line on the hypothetical matchup between the Kentucky Wildcats and Philadelphia 76ers.

Frankly, 17 points seems far too low. Forget the notion that Kentucky is the most talented team in college basketball and the Sixers are purposely terrible. The Sixers still employ NBA-caliber trainers and have a workout and practice regimen on a different level from even the most rigorous college program.

Plus, the players on the NBA team in this hypothetical game would be playing the absolute hardest of their lives to avoid the humiliation of losing to a college team.

Even Kentucky coach John Calipari agrees that the entire argument is ridiculous: