Jason Kidd tells Joe Johnson ‘we know it’s coming to you’ late in Bucks’ triple-overtime win over Nets


Jason Kidd coached the Nets last year, before awkwardly forcing his way to Milwaukee during the offseason.

In the first game against his former team, he decided to try to play some mind games with one of his former players.

Just before the Nets took possession late in the second overtime on Wednesday, Kidd let the bench know that he knew the play would be called for Joe Johnson.

That’s not a surprise, of course, because Johnson is known as one of the game’s better performers in clutch situations. And, any opposing coach could say the same for many players in crunch time situations and be 100 percent accurate, without having to have coached that particular team in order to be correct in their assertion.

But Kidd doing this came off as nothing more than unnecessary trash talk. If he was truly concerned with Johnson’s ability to win it with a single shot, he could have had his players double team him to get the ball out of his hands. Kidd allowed the play to unfold organically, however, and Johnson missed a contested look in a one-on-one situation.