NBA themed ugly holiday sweaters? You can get that.


It’s approaching ugly sweater party season, a growing holiday tradition among those having a little fun with tradition. Or just those looking for another excuse to drink spiked egg nog. Either way.

If you’re an NBA fan who was thinking “I would love an NBA-themed ugly sweater” you’re in luck. Actually, if you actually thought that we’re a little worried about you, but you’re still in luck. A company called Forever Collectables is about to have them for sale… and they are ugly. From our friends at the Washington Post (via the All Ball Blog):

That’s going to be tough to top, but we’ll have to see what the holiday sweaters in Hornets or Lakers colors looks like before we make a formal pronouncement.

But if you’re a Wizards and John Wall fan, you should totally buy and wear this around. People who see you wearing this will know you’re a hardcore fan. And they’ll worry about you a little.