Derrick Rose out Monday vs. Clippers, says after knee injuries must be cautious with hamstring


Derrick Rose is going to be out Monday in Los Angeles as the Bulls take on the Clippers, the team announced at shootaround on Monday.

That was not really a surprise. Regardless of what you think of Rose’s willingness to play through pain (which is a silly thing to question of a former MVP, but whatever) hamstrings are tricky in that they are very easy to re-injure if you come back to quickly. He can just ask teammate Pau Gasol about that, Gasol missed time with the Lakers when he tried to come back too quickly from a hamstring strain.

Rose spoke to the media and said that he has to be cautious because after two knee surgeries he knows the hamstring is a key support muscle for the knee. Here are his quotes, via Sam Smith of

Rose said in those comments that he had to think long term about his life while dealing with injuries, that he didn’t want to be “sore in meetings” or at his son’s graduation. It was a poor phrasing of thoughts often heard by professional athletes, they just usually say things like “I want to be able to play with my son in the backyard” or “I want to walk my daughter down the aisle someday.” Nobody has sympathy for how you feel in a meeting because nobody wants to be in those meetings anyway.

In other Bulls news, both Gasol and Taj Gibson are probable to play through minor injuries against the Clippers.