Russell Westbrook shakes off Lakers’ fan’s recruiting efforts


We’re still 19 months from Kevin Durant becoming a free agent and already teams are clearing cap space, Washington fans are getting their hopes up, and the way too early recruiting of the man has begun behind the scenes.

But do we need to start the Russell Westbrook watch 31 months out? Please say no.

Of course, nothing like logic will deter some Lakers fans from assuming every player wants to put on the purple and gold. Which led to this exchange in Oklahoma City (where the Rockets beat the Thunder) where the injured Westbrook was on the bench, via Darnell Mayberry of the Oklahoman.

There is a sense from some around the league that Westbrook would be more likely to leave Oklahoma City than Durant, that he is a guy that would like the bright lights of a big market.

But it is so far away from now, it’s not even worth discussing. Besides, we have to hope there is a season in 2017 and that a lockout doesn’t doom it in, that is far more likely than Westbrook to Los Angeles.