Swaggy P… er, Nick Young targeting Tuesday return to Lakers lineup


The Lakers desperately need a defensive stopper, a game changer on that end of the court, where they are the worst team in the NBA this young season.

Nick Young isn’t that — but he will make the games far more entertaining. And maybe win a couple by just helping the Lakers pure outscore the other team.

Young is targeting a Tuesday return to the Lakers, from Lakers sideline reporter (and new father of twins) Mike Trudell.

That would be in Atlanta against the Hawks, the start of a three-game Lakers’ road trip.

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The Lakers are hard to watch right now, we need reasons to tune in. A potential Swaggy P show is a good reason — if Kobe Bryant likes teammates who are fearless and will take the shot, he’ll love Young. How much he loves Young after he takes a couple shots when Kobe thinks he has a better one remains to be seen.

This is good news, the league is more fun to watch with Swaggy P in it.