Mitch Kupchak says Lakers ‘disappointed’ in league’s decision to suspend Ronnie Price


Ronnie Price is out for the Lakers on Friday, thanks to receiving a one-game suspension for the flagrant foul he was whistled for in Wednesday night’s loss in New Orleans.

Price went for a block on a shot from Austin Rivers, but got no ball and all head, which resulted in an ejection.

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak, as you might imagine, was less than thrilled with the league’s decision.

From Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times:

“We feel that the contact came from an attempt to block the shot and that there was no intent to hit Austin Rivers in the head, and therefore we are disappointed in the league’s decision,” Kupchak said in a statement Friday.

Intent, of course, is impossible to determine, and it was a dangerous play that didn’t require Price to swing so wildly in an attempt to block the shot.

In a preseason contest against the Warriors, Price threw his shoe at Andre Iguodala in what he later said was an attempt to slow a Golden State fast break. It’s unclear whether or not that stunt played any role in the league’s decision, but either way, a one-game suspension for a potentially-violent flagrant two foul is fairly standard procedure.