Anthony Bennett couldn’t see last season, either


No. 1 pick Anthony Bennett had more than his share of problems last season.

Limited by asthma and conditioning, the forward struggled with the Cavaliers.

As if those two concerns weren’t enough, Bennett actually had a third major physical issue.

Like breathing and sleeping, he took care of this one too.

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated:

He had laser eye surgery. Bennett has never worn contacts. Can’t put them in his eyes. How bad was his vision before?

“You see that white board?” Bennett said recently, pointing to a board no more than 10 feet away. “Last year, I couldn’t read the writing on it.”

And during games?

“Anything far, I couldn’t really see,” Bennett said. “I couldn’t see the people in the stands. Now I can see the scoreboard. I can see what plays coach wants to run.”

It’s a wonder Bennett wasn’t even worse last season – actually, no, no it’s not. He really bottomed out.

But it’s no wonder he’s looking considerably better so far with the Timberwolves, though he’s still getting limited playing time. Bennett is still far from living up to his billing as a top overall pick. However, if he can see (and breathe and run), he has a chance.