Rick Ross willing to bet $100K Heat will finish above Cavaliers in the standings


Let the “I’ll take that bet” comments begin….

Rick Ross is a hip-hop mogul. Rick Ross was raised and went to high school in Miami, he is proud of all things 305.

Which is to say, he’s got too much money and is a big Miami Heat fan. Like a lot of Heat fans, he’s enjoying the early season struggles of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers while Miami is seeing some early season success behind a rejuvenated Chris Bosh.

But in an interview HOT97′s Funk Flex in Miami Ross took it a step further (via SLAM):

“We most definitely finishing better than the Cavaliers. I’ll put a 100 grand on that.”

That’s basically the equivalent of the Trading Places $1 bet for him. Still, it speaks to how a lot of people in Miami seem to feel — they don’t have the raw anger and animosity toward LeBron that Clevelanders did when he left for South Beach, but they are enjoying seeing him struggle.

Still, Miami is going to figure things out and improve as the season wears on, while Miami’s depth (and Dwyane Wade’s knees) may become an issue as we move deep into winter. Which is to say, someone should take him up on that bet.

In another part of the interview Ross said he loves LeBron but that he “brings a lot of baggage, too.” I’d say that’s accurate, but as long as he is the best player on the planet everyone will look past LeBron’s flaws.