69-year-old woman and son revealed as owners of Nets.com


Until now, the exact owner of the Nets.com web domain has remained a mystery.

The site has historically trolled the NBA team by redirecting visitors to other websites that ended up being subtle jabs at the Nets, which recently have included the personal home page of last year’s head coach Jason Kidd, and an All-Star ballot for the crosstown rival New York Knicks.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Knicks owner James Dolan were among those suspected as the ones who controlled the site, but the actual owners have finally been revealed, and are far less conspicuous.

From Andrew Keh of the New York Times:

“If you come out here, I’m going to make you help us with the New York Times crossword puzzle first,” Jane Hill, 69, of Santa Fe, told an inquiring reporter over the weekend. Hill, a former fine-arts photographer and a Bard College graduate, is the person behind one of the biggest mysteries in the history of the Nets. …

She wants the Nets, or someone, to buy Nets.com. And she wants millions for it.

“We’ve had fun with the mystery of it all,” she said with a smile.

The Nets’ front office, however, is less amused. The team has strongly rejected the $5 million price tag Hill put on the domain name.

“Our website is BrooklynNets.com, and our fans know this is our site,” said Barry Baum, a team spokesman. “Brooklyn Nets is our brand, and we have no interest in Nets.com, despite the shameful efforts of the registrant to attempt to sell us this domain name for seven figures.”

At the time of this posting, there were less than eight hours remaining on an auction for the domain that is posted on eBay — with a photo of Mark Cuban smoking a cigar next to the Larry O’Brien trophy, of course.

But with the high bid at just over $90,000 and the reserve price not yet met, the saga may continue for the foreseeable future — though the ones behind it all are no longer anonymous.