After review, NBA removes one assist, one rebound from LeBron’s stats Monday, costing him triple double


So LeBron James’ line for Monday night’s Cavaliers win was 32 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists. Which doesn’t exactly suck.

But it’s also not the triple double that the official Cavaliers statistician gave him.

The NBA reviewed LeBron’s statistics from the game — the NBA office does this for all games and makes a few adjustments a season — and found that one assist and one rebound credited to him should not have been awarded, a league spokesman confirmed to ProBasketballTalk.

This was first pointed out by user Timi093 on the reddit NBA page.

At 3:34 of the third quarter Derrick Rose drives and misses a shot, LeBron leaps for the rebound and tips the ball to Tristan Thompson, who passes it ahead to Kyrie Irving at halfcourt, he then drives the rest of the way and hits a twisting layup. Here is the play.

LeBron was officially credited with an assist on that play. Frankly there shouldn’t have been any assist, but if you want to argue Tristan Thompson deserves one for the outlet pass we can debate it. There is no way LeBron deserves an assist.

In addition, with 6:03 left in the fourth quarter, LeBron was credited with an offensive rebound that actually was pulled down by Mike Miller. The league changed that as well. I can see how the scorekeepers made a mistake as Miller and LeBron look so much alike.

None of this changes the Cavaliers offense looked the best it has all season in the second half of that game when LeBron, Irving and Kevin Love combined for 61 of the Cavaliers 67 points.