Kendrick Perkins isn’t impressed by Kings’ early season success


The 5-1 Sacramento Kings took on the 1-5 Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday, and those won-loss records weren’t transposed in the slightest.

Sacramento has benefited from All-Star caliber play from an under control DeMarcus Cousins, while OKC has been decimated by injuries — not only to the team’s two best players in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, but to others who play meaningful minutes, as well.

In a pregame speech intended to motivate his teammates, Kendrick Perkins didn’t seem too impressed with the Kings and their strong start, telling them that despite it all, “these mother f—ers are still the Sacramento Kings.”

Perkins may not have been wrong on this night, as the Thunder came away with the 101-93 victory in spite of the apparent mismatch.

The not-safe-for-work clip which includes the expletive from Perkins can be seen below.

[via Basketball Insiders]