Likely top three pick Emmanuel Mudiay drops triple-double in China (VIDEO)


You may know Emmanuel Mudiay as the guy who spurned playing for Larry Brown at SMU to go get a paycheck in China this year.

You should also know he is in the top three on every reasonable draft board in America right now (DraftExpress has him at No. 2 right now, behind Jahlil Okafor of Duke and ahead of Karl Towns of Kentucky).

Mudiay is playing for the Guangdong Tigers in China and if you want to know why the 6’5” point guard is so highly sought after, watch this video. Mudiay dropped a triple double in this game with 22 points, 13 assists and 11 rebounds. He’s getting comfortable in a pro game He’s got shooting range, athleticism, good court vision and he’s out there playing against professional men, not boys.

China is not an easy place to play because it is a radically different culture than the USA. Different attitudes, different foods, different everything. There is a very high drop out rate of Americans playing in China. Scouts think if Mudiay plays a full season and sticks with this experience, not only should his game be sharper but it will show a level of maturity that will impress teams more than a cozy season coddled in college (with all due respect to SMU).

He certainly looks good in these highlights.