LeBron James tweets that fans should “relax” about Cavs’ slow start


The 2014-15 NBA season is just over a week old and the Cleveland Cavaliers have no shortage of drama. They’ve started the season 1-3, LeBron James has admitted to being “passive” in games, and he reportedly “exchanged words” with Kyrie Irving after Tuesday’s loss to the Portland Trail Blazers. The team looks out of sorts offensively and just plain bad defensively.

James is well aware of these things, and he has one message to fans:

A couple months ago, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers also told fans to “relax” about the team’s slow start, which James referenced in his tweet.

James is probably right. The Miami Heat started the 2010-11 season off 9-8, which led to lots of talk that the sky was falling, and they went on to make the finals four years in a row and win two championships. This Cavs team has the talent to have similar success. But James is learning a new set of teammates and a new coach, and vice versa. It’s going to take time.