Klay Thompson: ‘I should give a percentage of my contract to’ Andrew Bogut


The Warriors’ top five players have plenty of on-court cohesion.

They also support each other off the court.

Andre Iguodala said he’d pass more to Klay Thompson so Thompson could boost his stats in a contract year. But Thompson already got paid, signing a four-year, $70 million extension before the season got too far underway.

Now, Thompson is already talking about paying it forward.

Thompson on KNBR-680 AM, as transcribed by CSN Bay Area:

Andrew Bogut has been such a good player for us. I can’t describe how good his passing is. He gets me so many good looks every night. I should give a percentage of my contract to him now.

Bogut has assisted Thompson only once this season, grabbing an offensive rebounding and kicking it out to Thompson for a 3-pointer. Bogut assisted Thompson 35 times last season, fewest among Golden State’s starters.

But those numbers undersell how willing and able of a passer Bogut is from the post. The ball doesn’t stop with him like it does with other centers who lack the skill to kick it back out on target. Eventually, the ball gets to Thompson. (And don’t forget Bogut’s ability as a screener for Thompson.)

These Warriors are 4-0 not only because they’re talented – a big factor, for certain – but also because they trust each other. If Thompson uses some of his raise to, say, treat his teammates to dinner, that cohesion would only grow.