Barack Obama tells Michael Jordan to focus on the Hornets, not golf


Michael Jordan and Barack Obama  are engaged in a public back-and-forth about golf.

Jordan – who owns the Charlotte Hornets, previously called the Charlotte Bobcats – was asked about his ideal foursome:


I’ve never played with Obama, but I would. But nah, that’s OK, I’ll take him out. He’s a hack. It would be al day playing with him.

I never said he wasn’t a great politician. I’m just saying he’s just a sh—y golfer.

Obama shot back:

There is no doubt that Michael is a better golfer than I am. Of course if I was playing twice a day for the last 15 years, then that might not be the case. He might want to spend more time thinking about the Bobcats or maybe the Hornets. But that’s a whole other issue.