Klay Thompson drops 41 points in just 18 shots on Lakers (VIDEO)


Someone finally shook some sense into Golden State ownership and they paid the man — ownership apparently was the holdup in giving Klay Thompson, the guy they wouldn’t trade for Kevin Love, max money.

He responded with his best night ever as a Warrior (even though the big checks don’t flow until next season).

Thompson dropped 41 points on what passes for the Lakers’ defense, doing so in just 18 shots Saturday night. How did he do it? Thompson was 5-of-7 from three and 9-of-10 in the paint, while avoiding the midrange. Also he got to the free throw line nine times.

Combined, the Splash Brothers put up 72 points hitting 53% from three. Needless to say, the Warriors won handily (they are 2-0, the Lakers start 0-4).

Impressive. But you get he feeling a lot of guys might have career nights against the Lakers this season.