Rajon Rondo apparently took subway to Celtics’ opener


Celtics fans love Rajon Rondo.

Not only is he the team’s top player, he’s the last link to the 2008 championship team.

Now, Boston fans have even more reason to celebrate the point guard.

This photo – clearly in a T station – was posted fewer than three hours before last night’s Celtics-Nets game:


Reporter: Did you ride the T to the game?

Rondo: No.

Reporter: There was a picture of you on the T.

Rondo: Oh, is that right? Then why did you ask me that question? You are giving away my transportation to the game man!

I don’t know how superstitious Rondo is, but whatever he did Wednesday worked for him. Not only did he beat the odds and play after breaking his hand, he excelled in Boston’s win.

It’s possible that photo was taken a different time than it was posted, and Rondo is just coy enough to maintain plausible deniability about his route to work. But if you’re riding the T before the Celtics’ next home game – 7:30 p.m. Wednesday against the Raptors – keep your eyes peeled for Rondo.