WATCH: Heat Nation short film gets Miami fans hyped for the season


Heat fans don’t have the best reputation around the league, mainly because of all those shots of empty lower level seats to start many of the team’s key playoff home games over the past four seasons.

But those pricey tickets largely go to corporate season ticket holders; the true fans are relegated to the rafters.

This short film would lead you to believe that there’s a real passion for this Heat team in the Miami community, as CBS Miami explains (via Triangle Offense):

According to the Heat, its “a short film that acknowledges and embraces the Miami Heat fan base, players and organization and recognizes them collectively as a nation…a people united under one flag.”

The film is over five minutes long and is intended by the Heat “to serve as the cornerstone of the Heat Nation campaign.”

Two award-winning Miami natives collaborated on the short film. Director Gil Green of 305Films and producer Infamous, who also composed the film’s original musical score. The film is narrated by former Heat player and fan favorite Alonzo Mourning.

Miami will play this video before its home opener against the Wizards on Wednesday.