Kevin Durant on emulating LeBron and going home: ‘just wait on it’ (Don’t overreact)


Four things you need to know before reading this Kevin Durant tweet.

1. LeBron James recently starred in a commercial that showed Akron, where he grew up, and him working out at St. Vincent St. Mary’s, his high school.

2. Durant grew up in Prince George’s County, commonly called PG.

3. Durant played basketball at Montrose Christian, a private school just outside DC.

4. DMV means the region containing the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

OK, let’s get to it:

This has quickly become a capital-T Thing. It shouldn’t be.

You think Durant is going to state his plan to sign with the Wizards in 2016 like this? In a Twitter reply?

I bet Durant will return to where he grew up. I bet he will work out while he’s home – though not at Montrose Christian, which parted ways with Durant’s coach – and think about how that area molded him. But that doesn’t mean he’ll sign with the Wizards.

Durant saying “just wait on it” was probably nothing more than clumsy wording on his part.

There are indications he could sign with the Wizards, but those are grasping at straws. This isn’t even that significant.