Sixers’ Jason Richardson has stress fracture in foot, don’t expect him to play this season


Jason Richardson didn’t get on an NBA court last season. He played just 33 games the season before that. Surgery on his left knee has been something he just could not get over.

It doesn’t look like he’s going to play at all this season for Philadelphia.

Richardson showed up to Sixers practice on Saturday in a walking boot, having suffered a stress fracture in his right foot, reports Dei Lynam at

“He is busting his tail to get back in shape and play again,” (Sixers coach Brett) Brown said. “He is not going down easy. He is not going to retire easily. He continues to work, to try and get ready. It is a setback.”

That’s what a coach says to try and put a positive spin on things. The reality is a couple days ago Brown said “it will be a challenge” for Richardson to play at all this season.

Draw your own conclusions. But at 33 it seems we may have seen the last of Richardson on an NBA court (he is in the final year of his contract).