HBO releases trailer for new Kevin Durant documentary “The Off Season”

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Kobe Bryant has a documentary coming out. So does Kevin Durant, his appears in just more than a week on HBO.

Above is the first trailer for it (hat tip That NBA Lottery Pick). Although it feels like the foot injury that will have him out the first quarter of the season or so takes the luster off this.

I know Durant puts in a lot of time in the off-season, you don’t get to be the MVP and one of the best players in the game without both genetic gifts and a great work ethic. Durant really is a fairly humble guy, and a guy who finds the stuff going on around basketball a distraction and doesn’t want those complexities getting in the way of just playing.

But do we really need a string of “wow, look how great this guy is” documentaries on NBA players? Ones scrubbed clean of anything interesting/real by PR machines concerned about “the brand?” Why do we want to watch these?

Personally I’d recommend Last Week Tonight with John Oliver if you’re going to watch something on HBO.